Meet Attorney Art Warren

Hi, I’m Art!

I’m a Texas divorce attorney. I’ve been practicing family law in Texas since 1999.

I graduated from Prairie View A&M University with a BBA in Accounting in 1987. Immediately after graduating, I moved to Pennsylvania the fall of 1987 to start graduate school at Penn State University. I enrolled in the Smeal School of Business where I earned my MBA in Finance and graduated in the spring of 1989. I worked in Corporate America for a number of years and then eventually went to law school in 1996. I graduated from South Texas College of Law the summer of 1998, and then started my law practice in 1999. 

You Might Be Wondering Can I help you?

I understand that starting over is not always easy, but sometimes it's necessary because something better is waiting just around the corner. I'm here to help you make the transition from being married to your new better life that awaits you.

First, let me ask you a few questions...

“Do you want to save yourself the cost of expensive attorney’s fees?”

“Can you and your spouse come to an agreement without fighting?”

“If you were given step-by-step instructions by an attorney on how to do your own divorce, could you follow those instructions to the "T"?”

"Are you willing to file your own paperwork with the County?"

"Are you okay with standing in front of the Judge and answering a few questions?"

If you answered “yes”, to those questions, then I can help!

Why I created the DIY Divorce Kit.

Over the years, I’ve encountered many people who needed and wanted an amicable divorce. Often time, they had no property together, hadn’t lived together in years, they were both living separate lives, or they didn’t even know where the other spouse lived anymore.  Some had met new "love interests" and wanted to start their lives over with new mates.

I did some of their divorces, others couldn’t afford my fees, so I gave them instructions on how to do their own divorce.  I noticed that, some of them would come back after getting stuck at certain points in the divorce process. After years of having this occur, I decided to do something about it. That's how the idea of the DIY Texas Divorce was born.

What makes the DIY Divorce Kit different?

First, I'm a licensed Texas attorney and I practice Family law for a living. The information I provide you is the same legal information I put to use in my own law practice. Unlike other mysterious and secretive websites, which you have no idea who's running the sites or if they are even lawyers, or just savvy business people selling legal forms.  I'm a real person, running my own website and you have access to me via phone, email or in person.  If you have a problem or a question about a matter, I'm here to help. Other websites, can't provide that level of service if they're not licensed attorneys. Most are not tied to Texas and are internet based and there to sell forms to people that want to do their own divorce. I can offer a level of expertise and service that's difficult to duplicate if you're not a licensed professional like myself. Last and most importantly, I truly care about my clients and how they feel and if they are successful. When you become a client of mine, I become invested in you and what happens with your divorce. I want to make sure that you get through the divorce process with the least amount of trouble and that when you're divorce is final, you're a happy client.