A do it yourself uncontested Texas divorce can be an inexpensive and effective way of amicably dissolving a marriage, but the fact that you’ve filled in some blanks on some forms and know where the courthouse is located might not get you out of the legal starting gate. Your documents must be properly prepared. Terms of your settlement agreement must be well thought out and specific. Low prices might be attractive, but you don’t want to put yourself in a position that sometime in the future, you’ll need an attorney to remediate the mess that you created.

Filing Requirements

Even if you do know where the proper courthouse is, do you “know your way around” your court clerk’s office? Although many of the divorce case requirements appear in the Texas statutes, each county is given latitude to implement their own local rules. The deputy clerk that you hand your paperwork to for filing might not even accept them due to your lack of compliance with local rules. Don’t ask anybody in the clerk’s office how to properly plead your case either. It’s against the law for them to give legal advice. That could be your first delay.

The Waiting Period

Texas requires a 60 day waiting period after one spouse files for a divorce. That waiting period starts when the Petition for divorce is filed. We recommend that you use this period to prepare additional required documents.

Pleading Requirements

Judges like having an uncontested divorce in front of them because they don’t have to rule on any important side issues. They don’t particularly like do it yourself divorce litigants though. They prefer that attorneys appear in front of them because they can rely on the fact that divorce petitions are properly pled, and settlement agreements and divorce decrees are thorough and well thought out.

Don’t Risk Long Delays

Attorneys are rarely told to correct their documents and come back in six weeks or two months. You’ll significantly reduce the chances of needing to come back too on your own do-it-yourself uncontested Texas divorce after learning how to draft the proper pleadings and learning the procedure through us. When your judge reviews your documents and sees the professional looking documents and magic words that you learn through our course, the doors of justice will open. He or she will appreciate the professionalism of your forms and the fact that you know what you’re doing. The Judge will be far more receptive to hearing your uncontested divorce case as opposed to some other case with forms that looked like they were purchased off an internet site.

Make Your Divorce Easier and Quicker

Our goal is to make your uncontested divorce easier, faster and less expensive for you. Whether children were born of the marriage or not, we’ll walk you through the entire process while minimizing the chances of ever having to return to court again for modifications. Not to mention being told by the Judge that you need to fix your documents or go hire an attorney to help you cure the problem.

Don’t risk months and months of delay after delay. We’ll prepare you for the pleadings and procedures in your Texas do-it-yourself uncontested divorce. You’ll learn how to look forward to the future and not dread going to Court because you don’t know what to expect. If it’s an uncontested divorce, there shouldn’t be any reason for attorneys to get involved because we have you covered at DIY Texas Divorce.