The main reason is that it’s stressful!

So why is the divorce process so stressful?

It can usually be traced to property division and child custody. For example, a marriage of 4 years with no children will usually be less stressful than a 10 year marriage with children and lot of assets.

The differences are, the length of the marriage, the amount of assets to be divided and the fact that one couple has children to be considered. On the other hand, there are those marriages where couples have been separated for so long that there are no emotions and no assets to divide. The only thing standing in their way is actually just filing for divorce.

They have two options for filing a divorce:

  • Hire an attorney OR,
  • Do-it-themselves

Deciding to Hire an Attorney to Represent You

Having an attorney represent you should make it less stressful, but this also makes it more expensive. However, sometimes the attorneys are the problem and instead of making things better, they make them worse.

Choosing the right divorce attorney can mean the difference between a divorce that lasts a few months, to one that lasts two years. For example, if your attorney is a “litigator,” which basically means someone who prefers to fight it out in court, then you should get ready to open your wallet. This is a sign that your divorce will be long and expensive. If one side in a divorce wants to proceed that way, it’s really nothing the other spouse can do but give in to the demands of the spouse that wants to fight or prepare to spend lots of money on an attorney.

Deciding to DIY

If you don’t have an attorney and are doing it yourself, and you don’t fully know what you’re doing, you will feel a certain amount of stress. However, by doing it yourself, you can save thousands of dollars and lots of time. All you have to do is work out the details with your spouse and then learn how to handle the divorce. The legal process can be overwhelming and confusing if you’re not an attorney.

  • So why would you know how the court system works?
  • You wouldn’t, and it is most certainly nothing like you see on television with the courtroom theatrics.

My advice is to treat your divorce as a business transaction and don’t get caught up in the emotional drama. If the two of you can remove the emotions from the equation, the divorce process can be completed in no time at all. It will cost you a lot less money and will significantly reduce the stress.

Decide on an Uncontested Divorce

Once the two of you have decided to remove the emotions and work out matters on your own and without the help of Attorneys, Mediators, and Attorney Ad-litems, things can go quite smoothly. This is the time that you should file an uncontested divorce. There will be little to no stress, less money will be spent and the time it takes to complete your divorce will be reduced significantly. The only thing left is to learn the process and not mess up the paperwork. At DIY Texas Divorce we can help you with that by walking you through the divorce process step-by-step and then providing you with the correct forms and show you to how to fill them out completely and accurately.